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Stakeholder engagement

The Company aims to have a positive impact on all its stakeholders through its interaction with them, working in partnership to create value and a positive contribution which benefits all. The Company places particular importance on directly engaging and communicating with its stakeholders in the areas of operational and financial performance, strategy, corporate values, and policies and procedures including health and safety.

The main methods of engagement with each of the Company’s stakeholders are given below:


  • Employee surveys, and follow-up workshops and planning meetings to take appropriate actions
  • Senior manager events at head office, including to discuss performance and strategy
  • Visits to all operating locations by the Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer and Commercial Director, and associated meetings with the local management teams

Suppliers and other providers

  • Meetings on a regular basis at manufacturing facilities and/or showrooms, including to discuss product development and production scheduling
  • Trade shows, and collaborative events/presentations to enhance the sales potential of products
  • Questionnaires and reviews of practices, including with the aim of ensuring a supply-chain free from slavery and human trafficking

Customers and local communities

  • Open-house or trade days at the Company’s business locations to educate about products and/or promotions
  • One-to-one meetings with managers / directors to garner feedback and ensure the level of service received
  • Customer surveys to be conducted to gauge levels of satisfaction and analyse buying habits

Shareholders and wider investment community

  • Briefings for analysts and other members of the investment community to coincide with the Company’s bi-annual results
  • Meetings hosted at the Company’s main operating locations to enable first-hand review of operations and meet additional members of the team
  • Group events, including those aimed at increasing the understanding of a specific area of the business or marketplace