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We remain committed to managing our Company in a socially responsible way, continually reviewing our performance in all areas of Corporate Responsibility. We utilize the feedback and recommendations from the agencies, consultancies and voting bodies who undertake reviews of environmental, social and governance (‘ESG’) issues to enhance our practices going forward.

During 2018, we were delighted to remain a constituent of the FTSE4Good Index, an Index launched to identify companies that demonstrate strong ESG practices as measured against globally recognised standards.

A key constituent of our Corporate Responsibility is the relationships with our stakeholders, encompassing our people; suppliers; customers; investors; and the communities in which we operate. These relationships, many of which span the 26 years we have been operating, are of the uppermost importance. They are pivotal to our performance and delivery of our Strategy and we are committed to continuing the investment in these relationships to promote and ensure their longevity. We endeavour to have a positive impact on all our stakeholders, working in partnership with them, with the strategic aim of creating value for the benefit of all stakeholders whilst supporting the end-consumer by providing an exceptional package of goods and services.

Our ambition is to embed Corporate Responsibility within the Company’s culture and uphold the highest standards.

 Philip Lawrence
 Non-Executive Chairman

 Steve Wilson
 Chief Executive