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Gender Pay Gap Report

We welcomed the introduction of mandatory gender pay gap reporting. It gives us the opportunity to share the work we are doing and to address our gap, to assess our progress and learn from other organisations.

At 5 April 2018 (the ‘snapshot’ date for all the data given), we had three UK reporting companies: HFD Limited (‘HFD’), MCD Group Limited (‘MCD’) and Headlam Group plc (‘PLC’). Of the three, only HFD and MCD are trading companies (legal entities) with 250 or more employees. PLC is the ultimate holding company with less than 250 employees. However, in the interests of transparency, we have again, reported on all three despite PLC falling outside the legislation.

Our Gender Pay Gap



At HFD pay is 14% lower

At HFD pay is 9.7% lower

At MCD pay is 14.3% lower

At MCD pay is 14.7% lower

At PLC pay is 81.6% lower

At PLC pay is 90.5% lower

National gender pay gap is 18.4% lower



Our mean overall pay gap has improved marginally, from 10.5% in 2017 to 10.1% in 2018, however, we recognise that we still have much to do.

What are we doing about it?

We operate in what is a male dominated sector and we are working to improve the male: female ratio across the business, but acknowledge that this will take some time before we see significant change. We have, however, made progress with the overall percentage of females increasing by 2% from 18% to 20% as at 31 December 2018. The Executive and Senior Management Team in the PLC is 50:50 male: female, which is a visible signal of our intention to deliver change.

In 2018, we commenced a review of our Reward and Grading structures and have more to do in this regard, recognising that it will take longer to effect change than we may have initially anticipated.

In 2018, we introduced enhanced maternity pay and overhauled our maternity policy to support families and encourage women to continue their career after becoming mothers. We also launched an inclusion and respect at work policy accompanied by training for all managers to further embed our commitment to providing equality of opportunity for all.

As with any change, sustained improvement takes time. In 2019, we plan to make further progress by:

  • Continuing to develop diverse shortlists for internal and external recruitment, encouraging more women into the sector and into more senior roles
  • Enhance our approach to paternity and shared paternity leave
  • Introduce further flexible working practices


Our Gender Bonus Gap

The proportion of men in HFD paid a bonus was 97% compared to 98% of women. In MCD, 98% of men and 98% of women received bonus pay, and in PLC 100% of men and 100% of women received bonus pay.



At HFD the bonus payment for a female is 44.6% lower

At HFD the bonus payment for a female is 22.3% lower

At MCD the bonus payment for a female is 32.5% lower

At MCD the bonus payment for a female is 13.8% lower

At PLC the bonus payment for a female is 91.8% lower

At PLC the bonus payment for a female is 99.8% lower


There is little disparity between males and females in terms of receiving a bonus. The key explanation for the bonus payment gap is the larger bonus amounts for the more senior roles where there is a more pronounced lack of female representation, with the Company’s two Executive Directors being male.

As a management team, we are committed to examining the reasons for the bonus pay gap and working to address it.

Pay Quartiles

The legislation requires us to identify our overall pay range, divide this into equally sized quartiles, and populate these with the percentage of men and women in each quartile.


We will continue to improve the balance of our workforce and this means that we have to both support the women who work for us moving into more senior positions, and attract more women to join us. We have started on this journey and are committed to continuing to make progress, recognising that sustainable change takes both time and effort.

Steve Wilson
Chief Executive
Headlam Group plc

March 2019