Please notify Capita in writing. If shares are held in joint names, the notification must be signed by all named shareholders.

Please notify Capita in writing and enclose a copy of any marriage certificate or change of name deed as evidence.

If your share certificate is lost or stolen, you should call Capita immediately. A letter of indemnity will be sent to you to sign. Capita will charge for this service.

If you receive more than one copy of the company’s communications you may have your shares registered inadvertently in at least two accounts. This happens when the registration details of separate transactions differ slightly. If you wish to consolidate such multiple accounts, write to Capita to request the accounts are consolidated.

If you wish to trade in the company’s shares, you can do so at Capita’s website, or alternatively use a stockbroker or high street bank which trades on the London Stock Exchange. There are many telephone and online services available. If you are selling, you will need to present your share certificate at the time of sale.

Shareholders can find share prices listed in most national newspapers. Ceefax and Teletext pages also display share prices that are updated regularly throughout the trading day. For a real-time buying or selling price, you should contact a stockbroker. Additionally there is a link to the London Stock Exchange on the company’s website.

ShareGift, the charity share donation scheme, is a free service for shareholders wishing to give shares to charitable causes. It may be especially useful for those who wish to dispose of a small parcel of shares which would cost more to sell than they are worth. There are no capital gains tax implications (i.e. no gain or loss) on gifts of shares to charity and it is also possible to obtain income tax relief. Further information can be obtained at

The Unclaimed Assets Register is a unique search service that helps individuals to find their lost assets and re-establish contact with financial institutions. It has a database of unclaimed life policies, pensions, unit trust holdings, and share dividends drawn from many companies and can search for lost assets and entitlements. The Unclaimed Assets Register charges a small fixed fee for each search, 10% of which goes to charity. For further information, visit