The Nominations Committee is comprised of the three non-executive directors and the Group Chief Executive and is chaired by Andrew Eastgate.

The committee leads the process for identifying, and makes recommendations to the board on, candidates for appointment as directors and Company Secretary, giving full consideration to succession planning and the leadership needs of the group. It also makes recommendations to the board on the composition and Chairmanship of the Audit and Remuneration Committees. It keeps under review the structure, size and composition of the board, including the balance of skills, knowledge, experience and independence of the non-executive directors, and makes recommendations to the board with regard to any changes.

The committee meets when required with all members in attendance. Only members of the committee are entitled to be present at meetings but other directors may be invited by the committee to attend. The board has agreed the procedures to be followed by the committee in making appointments to the various positions on the board and as Company Secretary.

The committee has access to such information and advice, both from within the group and externally, at the cost of the company, as it deems necessary. This may include the appointment of external executive search consultants, where appropriate. No director is involved in any decisions regarding their re-appointment or re-election.

New directors are appointed by the board and, in accordance with the company's articles of association, they must be elected at the next AGM to continue in office. Existing directors retire by rotation in accordance with article 89 of the articles of association which requires them to retire from office and, if eligible for re-appointment, stand again at the third AGM at which they were appointed or last re-appointed.

The committee, in conjunction with the board, receives updates from the Group Chief Executive on succession and development planning for senior positions within the group. Changes to directors' commitments are reported to the committee as they arise and are considered on their individual merits. Appointments to the committee are made by the board.

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