The Company sources an extensive range of floorcovering products including carpet, residential vinyl, wood, laminate, luxury vinyl tile, underlay and commercial flooring from suppliers across 16 countries covering a wide price range. In 2016, the Company purchased from 107 significant suppliers.

In 2016, 77.56% of products for the commercial sector were purchased from suppliers in the UK, whereas the UK only accounted for 14.61% in the residential sector.*

Suppliers benefit by gaining via the Company the greatest coverage and customer penetration for their products across the UK and Continental Europe. The Company also works in conjunction with the suppliers to tailor their product lines, launch new products and increase awareness of their products amongst customers primarily through point of sale (‘POS’) materials and positioning POS displays in the customer’s premises.

Through increasing revenues, the Company and its businesses are able to benefit from purchasing economies of scale with suppliers.

Residential sector purchases by country*

Residential Sector Purchases By Country

Commercial sector purchases by country*

Commercial Sector Purchases By Country

* Based on actual purchase prices from suppliers

Best Wool Carpets

Best Wool Carpets
The Netherlands

'Best Wool Carpets in Best in the Netherlands has been designing, manufacturing and distributing beautiful woollen carpets and rugs since 1982. Genuine and honest natural products for people who appreciate quality, following trends in interior design and also creating trends ourselves. We have many years of experience as a reliable development and production partner. We always think along with our partners. Since 2003 we have worked with Headlam to both of our satisfaction. Headlam’s distribution capabilities provide us with an extremely important route to market and access to the broadest customer base for our products in the UK. We currently supply Headlam with over 30 products and have seen the volume of our products supplied to Headlam increase by 50% over the last five years.'

Yvar Monasch, Managing Director